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Supervised Machine Learning
Data Science Interview Questions for IT Industry Part-3: Supervised ML
Popular supervised machine learning algorithms which are asked in the data science interviews.
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Data Science Interview Question part-2
Data Science Interview Questions for IT Industry Part-2: Machine Learning
Important conceptual questions related to Machine Learning and Data Science interviews
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data science interview question
Data Science Interview Questions for IT Industry Part-1: Statistics
Statistics is a vast subject and no one knows all of it! But there are some bare minimum concepts which
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How to apply machine learning to any business problem
How to apply Data Science for any business problem
Understanding machine learning algorithms and statistics is half of the story. Choosing the right algorithm for the business problem at
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What is the use of Sampling Theory in Data Science
What is the use of Sampling Theory in Data Science
Sampling Theory helps you to examine how good the predictive model will perform after it is deployed in production.
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How to do Sampling in R
Stats 101: How to do sampling in R?
To perform sampling in R, one can take help of various functions available for each type of sampling technique.
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Sampling Theory
Stats 101: What is the ​Sampling Theory
Sampling means choosing random values. A random sample exhibits the properties of the whole population.
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Measures of Location [Quartiles]
Stats 101: Measures of Location [Quartiles]
Measures of location is a combination of values for a data which can summarise its distribution.
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Standard Deviation
Stats 101: Measures of Spread [Standard Deviation]
Standard Deviation helps to understand 'On an average, how far away each data point is from the mean value'
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Stats 101: Measures of Spread [Min Max]
It is very important to explore the data and understand it, before you can use it for solving problems.
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Stats 101: What is Mode value and when to use it?
Mode is the most frequently occurring value in a set.
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Stats 101: Why Median is a better measure of central tendency
When you are trying to understand about the central tendency of a numeric dataset, the median is a better way
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My name is Farukh Hashmi. Currently I am working as a Lead Data Scientist at Saama Technologies. I have 11+ years of IT industry experience in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and BI.

I have built predictive and prescriptive models for various business domains like Logistics, Insurance, Telecom and Consumer Packaged Goods while working with some of the technology leaders like Infosys, IBM, and Persistent Systems.

I have started this blog to connect the dots of theory and practical applications of AI/Machine Learning for all the budding Data Scientists out there!