About Farukh Hashmi

My story

My name is Farukh Hashmi, currently I am working as a Lead Data Scientist at Saama Technologies.

I have 11+ years of IT industry experience in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Business Intelligence. I have built predictive and prescriptive models for various business domains like Logistics, Insurance, Telecom and Consumer Packaged Goods while working with some of the technology leaders like Infosys, IBM, and Persistent Systems

When I started my career at Infosys as a fresher, the project assigned to me was a production support role involving basic SQL and Unix scripting. It took me six months to realise that this is something I don’t enjoy doing and another 6 months to learn a tool known as IBM COGNOS to enter into the world of BI. After creating BI applications for one year, I came across the term Machine Learning and the idea that we can help predict the future values with statistical algorithms caught my attention!

I enrolled for a machine learning course. Learned SAS, Python and R and kept learning more and more about it for the next one year before actually getting to create a predictive model for a business and the model was deployed to make predictions for the Logistics ETA for a transport company in the US.

Having a passion for teaching I have shared my learnings in AI and Data Science with thousands of students over a period of last 6 years and helped them to enter into the world of Predictive Analytics.

A popular belief is that one must be very good at mathematics and know every statistical algorithm to work as a Data Scientist. I have experienced that it is not true. Data Science requires imagination. The ability to see through the business problems and choose the right algorithm at the right time is critical for success.

ThinkingNeuron is my endeavour to help those who are starting their journey in Machine Learning by sharing what I have learned on the job to make the transition easy. 

Farukh-Hashmi Data Scientist Career Highlight